PC Repair

How to Get the Best Deals on Pc Repair

The field of PC repair is a fairly new one and trying to figure out the ins-and-outs can be overwhelming.  It is only in recent years that educational institutions have begun to offer formal training and degree and/or certificate programs in this popular new area.  Most computer technicians, however, rely on experience as opposed to formal training.

 Do I Need PC Repair?

Sometimes it may seem that problems arise erratically when using a computer.  There’s no real way to predict when a glitch may occur, though there are numerous precautions that one can take as to minimize the risk of running into any hardware or software problems.  Installing protective software and regulating your downloading habits are good ways to curb your chances of needing PC repair.

Most commonly, corrupt files and viruses are the underlying causes of most people’s computer woes.  Frozen screens, running slowly – generally these are symptoms of a larger problem.  Luckily, there are numerous ways to solve these issues; in fact PC repair can often times be self-administered.  There is a wealth of information and entire forums devoted to help those brave enough self-educate themselves on how to solve their PC repair issues themselves.  In addition there are a number of freeware apparatus’ as well as costly software tools that help assist with simple PC repair tasks.

How Do I Find a PC Repair Service?

On the same token, the internet is a great place to search for an actual PC repair company.  When tackling a PC or MAC issue, sometimes it’s just best to leave it to the professionals.  This is when a reliable PC repair company can prove to be invaluable. Technicians may specialize in a variety of specified areas included in PC repair.  Data recovery and information systems are two of the most commonly referenced sub areas of the industry.  In addition to scouring the internet, be sure to check your local yellow pages and ask other computer and business owners for recommendations.

What to Look for in a PC Repair Company

The most important thing to keep in mind when it comes to PC repair is comparison shop.  Always comparison shop!  Because the field is so new and not really regulated, prices and quality of service vary greatly.  Some independents charge on average as little as $15 an hour while larger well-known companies can charge upwards of $70 per hour.  Consultants, freelancers, local mom and pop shops, national repair centers – there are many places from which to source your repair, and they’re not all created equally.   Though one place may appear to be cheaper than another, that doesn’t mean that that’s the bottom line.  It’s crucial to do your research as there are repair shops out there that employ ill qualified technicians – meaning you’d be better off scouring the internet and figuring it out yourself.   Here are a few more tips:

The first step is to identify exactly what is causing your PC problem.  Being able to discern whether or not the problem is software or hardware can prove to be most valuable.  Many consultants will hesitate to give you pricing upfront as it varies greatly depending on the nature of the problem.  Armed with that basic knowledge, you’ll be better able to assist them and yourself with securing the best pricing available.

Inquire about qualifications and experience.  Whether you’re dealing with a large company or self-employed consultant, do not hesitate to ask if they have any certifications and references.  Find out what their education background is – for many, PC repair is merely a form of income and isn’t the field they were formally trained in.

Consider your needs.  Many PC repair companies offer both on-site (come to you), or drop-off/pick-up services.  Some only offer one or the other but be advised that you will pay for convenience when using on-site services.

Check your warranty.  Many brand name computers come with (or have the option of being purchased with) some sort of warranty.  Unfortunately there’s a list of issues that aren’t covered by warranties and they’re short-lived, but if the issue is minor, it’s still worth it to check and see if you’re eligible.

Ask how pricing works.  If you can find a company that charges set prices, it can be advantageous to work with them.  Company’s that charge by the hour can sometimes take advantage of this pay system.  It is also more difficult to estimate cost when paying by the hour.